Renovating Your Home for Senior Living

With an ageing population that is increasingly choosing to live out their days from the comfort of home, it is more important than ever to consider how your home can be modified to accommodate that. As this is becoming such a hot issue, many people planning to build...

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How to Make Your Custom Build Feel Like Home

The best part of doing a custom build is designing it exactly how you want to. It should feel like home. Whether you love modern, open spaces or quaint and cozy homes, your custom build is your oyster. Before the construction starts, compile a list of all the things...

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Investing in Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar energy is the radiant energy emitted by the sun. It can be harnessed as a renewable energy source in regions with enough daylight hours—since the energy from the sun can only be harnessed during the day with optimal weather conditions. There are two different...

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Our top 3 benefits for building a custom home

If you are in the market for a new home, you have a lot of options in readymade homes available to you in terms of layout, materials, location and so on. But nothing quite compares to having a custom-made home for which you have been able to sit down with an architect...

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Whether you need renovations or a fully-built custom home, allow Kantium to assist in bringing your vision to life.

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