The best part of doing a custom build is designing it exactly how you want to. It should feel like home. Whether you love modern, open spaces or quaint and cozy homes, your custom build is your oyster. Before the construction starts, compile a list of all the things you want. What would make this brand-new house feel like your family’s home? Do you want grandiose marble columns or bamboo cabinetry? Vinyl crown moulding or wood? To help you make this important list, consider the following design features.

1. Lighting
A popular trend in custom builds is floor to ceiling windows. An entire wall of glass gives you ample natural light and views of the scenery around your home. However, some homeowners would prefer more privacy, especially if they have neighbours nearby. Either way, some natural lighting is important. Consider using skylights, bay windows, or double hung windows for additional character.

2. Colours
The colour scheme of your home can completely change its personality. Colours make it feel like your home, not just a model home for showing. A recent trend in home décor has been to embrace the dark side. Black walls, dark tiling, and interesting textures are all the rage. Moody jewel tones are especially trendy, like emerald green and deep teal. Consider using colour to express your style, and don’t be scared to go big.

3. Eco-Friendly Energy
If you and your family care about the environment and sustainability, your custom build should adhere to those values, too. Kantium regularly installs solar energy panels in custom builds because more and more homeowners care about using renewable energy. If you have more ideas for making your home greener, discuss them with your builder. Your new home can be built in alignment with your values.

4. Special Interest Rooms
Are you a film-buff with a passion for cult classics? Why not build a custom movie theatre in your new house? Special interest rooms are spaces built for you and your family’s unique hobbies. Perhaps you’d rather have a state-of-the-art fitness area or a room with staggered built-ins just for your cats. Whatever your hobby or special interest is, let your builder create a space just for that.

5. Art
For many homeowners, what hangs on the wall makes them feel at home. Pictures of the family, concert ticket stubs, or stunning works of art. Consider the personal touches you want to add to your custom build. Do you have a massive oil painting that deserves its own wallspace? You can discuss with your builder the kind of space your art and other hangings will need.

The beauty of getting a custom-built home is that you can make sure it feels like home. For some, that’ll mean a unique colour scheme and furniture pieces. For others, it means having a home gym and space for their cars. Decide what features will make this custom build feel like a home to you and your family. When it’s done, all you’ll have to do is unpack.

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