Are you ready to customize your home for 2019? It’s an exciting time to make a home for yourself so let’s take a look at some of the new year’s top trends. Hint… this year is going to be all about simplicity! Gone are the days when we want to fill our space with things… we are embracing minimalism in all areas and our homes are no different.

Starting with colour!

Neutral Tones.

Make a statement by keeping the tones soft and neutral. Light beiges, grays and even super soft pinks keep your space light and airy. This trend is so hot that according to In Style even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry agree. They have chosen a neutral palette for their nursery consisting of whites and grays.


Statement walls are out, wallpaper is back. Big bold floral patterns are sweeping the entire room, and texture is everything. Don’t be afraid to throw photos and even art over it. As long as it makes you feel good in your space… it goes.

Smart Homes

Remember when you could clap your lights on and off?! Well… now you can just ask Alexa to do it for you. Or Google. Smart technology is everywhere this year- giving you the option to control everything from the lights to the temperature to home security with a voice command or directly from your smartphone.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Complementing these natural tones we are seeing the comeback of light wood and wooden finishes. It gives the feel of simpler times and adds warmth to your home.

In addition, people are choosing less over more in terms of furnishings. Looking for pieces made from sustainable materials is an increasing priority. Recycled and biodegradable materials are more popular than ever.


Bringing nature indoors is not only great for your mind but also your air quality! From small trees to hanging plants anything that you can keep alive goes. Benefits of indoor plants include, increased air humidity, lower air temperatures, air purification, sharper focus and improved overall health.

Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture is on fire this year! It’s fun, comfortable and functional in any space. It gives your room added dimension and can add an element of modern retro. Plush swivel chair anyone?

Textured Furniture

Velvet and corduroy are all the rage. We are falling in love with the way our furniture feels and these textures are hitting the spot.

Metal Finishes

Whether it’s a brass backsplash or a painted metal cabinet, pops of metal are showing up this year and its total lux. Your chandelier, and fixture options are endless, and you can even take it to the bathroom with a custom tub.

Tuxedo Kitchens

It is exactly as it sounds. Black, white, and really sexy! As an added bonus, the metal finishes work perfectly with this starkly contrasting colour scheme. This kitchen is a timeless classic and works well with open concepts. You can go seamlessly from the kitchen decor to the living room without having to worry about clashing.

Whatever trend you love for 2019, we can make it happen. Contact us at Kantium today!