After every major – or even minor – project, most homeowners will have those moments where they
feel if they had known this one thing, they might have done the whole renovation differently.

Your kitchen is a big deal, and it is usually considered the center of the home for most families, so if
you’re doing a renovation to that area, you’ll want to make sure you do it right. You’ll likely need to
know a lot about renovating, especially if you’re doing it yourself, but here are our top three things you
need to consider before you take that first swing of the hammer.

Get a Designer
You might think you need to be doing a $60,000 renovation to have a designer for your kitchen, but that
isn’t true. A designer – who doesn’t work for a home improvement store – has experience and
knowledge in the best ways to maximize the space you have. Refacing your kitchen won’t make you feel
better about it if you hate the way it functions now.

Paying for a designer to take the space you have and make it into something that works better for your
family will (very likely) be worth the money you spend. Wondering how much a designer will be? Well, it
can vary but budget to spend about 5-10% of your total kitchen renovation budget on the design. The
more complicated and larger space, the more expensive it will be.

Electrical and Plumbing Set Up
Have you always thought your kitchen sink would be better on the opposite side of the kitchen? It will
probably cross your mind during your kitchen renovation especially since you’re buying new counters
and cupboards anyways.

The physical location of items like sinks, stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers have been placed based
on the available hookups for those services in your home. If you’re planning to move any of these items
to a different location as part of a renovation, you’ll need to make sure you move the service along with
it. To do this, it is strongly recommended you hire a professional plumber and/or electrician. Checking
these things out before you start renovating or ordering items could save you a lot down the road.

Set Your Budget
Do you know how much you’re going to spend on your kitchen renovation? Chances are you have
thought about the finishes you want, the appliances and the cost of those pieces individually but have
you thought about the overall cost? During the process of planning your renovation, before you start,
you should know exactly how much you’re going to spend. Within that budget, it would be wise to set
up a contingency amount too.

For example, if you can spend $25,000 on your renovation don’t go out and spend all that money. Plan
to keep about 10% (or more) for emergencies. If you decide to move plumbing services and things don’t
go as planned, you might need to pay your plumber more than initially anticipated. During a renovation,
anything can come up so it’s important to know how much you want to (and can) spend and how much
you have for emergencies.

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